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0001320SpeedFanEventspublic2008-12-30 12:02
ReporterjstatesonAssigned Toalfredo 
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PlatformIntelOSVistaOS Versionall
Product Version4.37 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001320: speedfan fails to read GPU temp from a remote desktop session
DescriptionIf speedfan is in the tray and running, if you attempt to bring up a remote desktop session on a Vista system, speedfan is no longer able to read the GPU temp and reports 0c. It will then trigger events if you have defined events for a 0.0 temperature. If you go the console and look at the temps, they are just fine. It is just reported as 0 in the remote desktop session.
Steps To ReproduceUnfortunately, you need vista. Either the Business version, Ultimate, or the Home version with the patch to allow remote desktop to work on "Home"
Additional Informationsee the following for speedfan reported vista problems


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Motherboard Model
Video Card Model9800gtx+



2008-12-30 12:02

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I thought the [url] brackets were required. They are not and I do not see how to edit the above text to remove them.

A discussion here:

indicates that remote desktop (microsoft RDP) replaces the video driver but VNC does not and the suggestion is to use VNC.

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