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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00027391   Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-19doesn't detect fans
  00026132   Installationtrivialresolved (alfredo)2019-04-18Driver error at install
  00022181   Installationmajorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-18Running exe get error every time
  0002212101 Hardware supportmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-18Support for ASUS Z87-Pro Motherboard
  000202241 Fan controlfeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-17SpeedFan cannot see any fans
  00026761   Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-17Unable to control fan speed
  000273811 Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-17We provide tech support services for printer
  0002737 1 Clock controlminorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-16interior designers in Delhi
  000193063 Fan controlmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-16Fan control changes back to Smart Fan IV even though I choose "manual" and tick "remember it"
  000248911 Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-15unable to remove completely notification
  00026602   Hardware supportblockassigned (alfredo)2019-04-13Please Add Support for Asus Maximus IX Code
  0000294481 User interfacefeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-09Speedfan as a service
  000238863 Hardware supportblockassigned (alfredo)2019-04-09(4.51!) SMbus communication fails after returning from standby/sleep
  00026661   Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-09Winbond W83677HG-I Not detected
  00014006   Fan controlmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-07Fan speeds reset to about 50% every few seconds after speed fan starts
  000243232 Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-07Incorrect CPU temperature on AsRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
  000246711 Logging and chartingminorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-07sometimes get corrupted/compressed data graph after playing computer games
  00024954   Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-06No Fan Control on Asus Maximus VIII Ranger (Z170)
  00024683   Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-06No Fan Detection Z-170 Gigabyte Gaming 7 - GA-Z170X-Gaming 7
  0002631    Othertrivialassigned (alfredo)2019-04-06When Speedfan is referenced in Windows Startup folder it sometimes failed to launch due to no driver
  00025395   Othercrashassigned (alfredo)2019-04-04Blank screen at SpeedFan startup
  00001035   Fan controltweakacknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-03Add Periodic Reasserting of Fan Speed Commands
  00026124   Fan controlminorresolved (alfredo)2019-04-03ASUS P6T WS Pro - can't control CPU Fan
  0002375    Hardware supporttweakassigned (alfredo)2019-04-03GPU fan control
  000112241 Othermajorresolved (alfredo)2019-04-02cpu usage speedfan 100 %
  000211361 User interfacemajoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-02doesn't start minimized in automatic startup
  000075511 Fan controlfeatureassigned (alfredo)2019-04-02Please add support for ITE IT8726F (-S)
  00010877   Hardware supportminorresolved (alfredo)2019-04-02Unable to monitor CPU and Ambient temps following clean boot
  0002168    Otherfeatureassigned (alfredo)2019-04-02Documentation of hard-to-find data on NCT6776F controller (ASrock z77 Extreme6 etc)
  00006143   Othertweakacknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-01Language is setting to english on its own
  000267425 Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-01Audio "buzz/stutter" related issue 0002646
  000267511 Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2019-04-01No fans/sensors detected on Asus PRIME X370-Pro
  000241371 Fan controlfeatureassigned (alfredo)2019-04-01gradual/graceful fan spindown
  00001002   Logging and chartingtrivialacknowledged (alfredo)2019-04-01Charting HD temps causes odd behavior
  0002667 1 Fan controlcrashassigned (alfredo)2019-04-01System completely locks while loading SpeedFan 4.52 (and also 4.51)
  0001824 1 Clock controltrivialassigned (alfredo)2019-03-31Include clock gen
  000182021 Hardware supportminoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-03-31Detecting devices with negative numbers
  00027021   Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2019-03-31I can't uninstall SpeedFan completely
  00018221   Configurationminoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-03-30Annoying logs on window startup
  000181951 Otherminoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-03-30I can't close speedfan at all.
  000226411 Fan controlminoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-03-30CPU fan control not working
  000087011 Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2019-03-30fan div false in speedfan v4.32 compare to previous versions
  000045411 Hardware supportmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-03-30Is tc1100 supported?
  0002711    Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2019-03-29Not meaningful CPU temp reading for AMD Ryzen 2 APU (Raven Ridge)
  0002732    Fan controlblockassigned (alfredo)2019-03-29Anticheat Battlye prevents Speedfan from working
  00022594   Hardware supportcrashacknowledged (alfredo)2019-03-29SpeedFan freezes computer when started and any USB drives are plugged
  000228393 Fan controlminoracknowledged (alfredo)2019-03-29Gigabyte Z97Z-SOC : no voltage and fan speed and fan control
  00018904213 Hardware supportblockacknowledged (alfredo)2019-03-29Adaptec Raid Controller Card (1430-SA) makes Speedfan block the system
  0001941    Hardware supporttweakassigned (alfredo)2019-03-29Speedfan can't control AMD video card FAN unless logged-on (as Task Scheduled)
  000240613 Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2019-03-28RPM disappears after second start
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