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0000299SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2007-09-24 21:17
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Summary0000299: Support for XFX 6600 GT AGP core temp monitoring wanted
DescriptionCan you add support for monitoring the core temp of the XFX 6600GT AGP card?

I see that SpeedFan 4.24 does detect this card. But the temp isn
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2005-06-21 23:13

reporter   ~0001015

Ask your card manufacturer to support SpeedFan and provide Alfredo with some specs. Try to find out which sensor chip is used on the card. For my card, the card manufacturer's tool told me the chip name, which was enough for Alfredo to support it.


2005-06-22 15:41

reporter   ~0001016

I will do that as soon as I can.
Can you tell me wich tool you are talking about? I could try that tool on my card.


2005-06-22 17:38

reporter   ~0001018

The manufacturer is Leadtek, the tool is called WinFox. However, I have not heard that you can run it with a non-Leadtek card.


2005-06-22 21:19

reporter   ~0001020

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so just try it.

A WinFox download page is:
It lists three URLs, of which only one seems to work:

WinFox installs mainly into C:\WINNT\system32\WinFox (on my box). There you can find wfhwmain.exe, the 'Hardware Monitor'. If it runs, left-click on the window title (or right-click on the fox's head in the upper left hand corner and select 'Advanced Information' from the menu).

You get another little window titled 'Hardware Monitor', with a table. The top table entry is (yet again :-)'Hardware Monitor'. On my system, the chip name ('LM99') is listed in the 'Format' column (second one).


2005-07-04 02:31

reporter   ~0001030

WinFox didn


2005-07-06 09:29

reporter   ~0001031

Last edited: 2005-07-06 09:34

o Try asking your manufacturer.

o Search the internet (;-).

o Try actively asking for your card on internet forums like the one for Everest.

o Physically identify the actual chips on your card. Here's how:

Before you start, make sure you have a proper thermal compound for putting the GPU heat sink back on.

Get a magnifying glass (some chip markings are /really/ small), a desk lamp (some markings are visible only at a certain angle) and pen and paper. Remove the card from your machine. Unless you can see that there are no chips beneath the heat sink, remove it from the card. Technically, this voids your warranty. See howtos in the internet on how to properly remove it. If you are careful, it's not too dangerous, possibly depending on the design of your heat sink.

Write down the markings from all chips (or all but the GPU and memory), noting their positions on the board. Explicitly note ambiguities (0 vs. O, 1 vs. l, B vs. 8 etcetera). Reassemble (using the thermal compound), put the card back in the computer, then search the internet for the chip markings. Concentrating on the small 8-pin chips closest to the GPU may be a good idea. Some chips only bear manufacturing information like a code that tells how, when and where it was made, so the chip manufacturer, name or ID may not be etched on it. In this case you will have to do some guesswork. For example, guess a sensor chip manufacturer, check out the manufacturing marking scheme for their chip(s), compare to your chip's markings.


2005-07-06 13:41

reporter   ~0001033

I will try the manufacturer first. Or Everest forums.
If this doesn


2005-07-18 15:54

reporter   ~0001040

Here is the information I was able to gather from Everest developers:

[QUOTE]NV-DRV means the temperature is detected through nVIDIA ForceWare, hence the temperature equals to the one you can see in ForceWare Control Panel.[/QUOTE]

So Everest reads it through Nvidia Drivers.

[QUOTE]The driver method means either:

1) EVEREST couldn't found a sensor chip through the I2C bus of the video card. It is usually due to the sensor chip of the card is unsupported by EVEREST; or due to the fact that nVIDIA card BIOS'es or drivers tend to hide the sensor chip device on the I2C bus -- effectively preventing diagnostics tools like EVEREST to access the sensor chip directly through the I2C bus.

2) On SLI systems EVEREST always uses the driver method, in order to support all GPU chips of the system in every cases.[/QUOTE]

I am not on SLI, so the second situation doesn


2005-07-19 01:57

reporter   ~0001042

I found the chip!

I loaded a Leadtek Bios to my card. Than I installed WinFox. And acording to flachschippe, informations, the thermal sensor is, as reported by WinFox:


Can you add support for this chip?



2005-07-19 17:33

manager   ~0001045

NVidia is not helping me. I'm trying to add support for as many devices as possible. If the temperature sensor is not available on the I2C, SpeedFan don't know (yet) how to read it.


2005-07-19 17:52

reporter   ~0001049

Leadtek knows! WinFox can read it. NVIDIA must know.

I will see what I can do. I will try to e-mail NVIDIA and XFX.



2005-07-19 21:59

reporter   ~0001063

> NVIDIA(Aeluros)

Googling for Aeluros, all I could find was references to physical interface components for high-speed network devices. It does not look like they make sensor chips. Maybe the closest thing WinFox could find is the nForce 4 Ethernet component, so it displays that (;-).

My guess is that Nvidia wants to keep this knowledge under control for 'political' reasons. There are possible reasons for this, however I don't see an obvious one.


2005-07-19 22:25

reporter   ~0001064

The mobo is an Abit An7 based on nForce 2!

You found the same as I did.

Could be an NVIDIA sensor chip named (Aeoluros)???????

2005-11-27 03:33


core.jpg (99,875 bytes)   
core.jpg (99,875 bytes)   


2005-11-27 03:51

reporter   ~0001377

What's interesting is that some XFX 6600GT AGP cards appear to have a LM99 sensor, and some don't. My card is missing the 8-pin chip in the middle left of core.jpg (from nv news review). But the pads are there.

The informational label on the back of my card states: VA.3 W12/04, presumably the revision and manufacturing date. The label of the back of the nv news's card states VA.0 W11/04. XFX have removed the sensor for some reason.

The question is, how do the nVidia drivers measure the temperature? Could it be that N43 has a built-in sensor?


2005-11-27 04:23

reporter   ~0001378

Further, Googling for chip numbers reveals that all other chips have no monitoring capabilities.


2006-01-07 16:40

reporter   ~0001449

Just in furtherance to this issue, I have been doing dome looking around and everything I can find all points to the fact that all 6600's have a core temp sensor. the thing is that is not a seperate chip on the pcb, but intergrated in to the gpu itself. So i am guessing that for Alferdo to allow Speedfan to report the temp, he will need to figure out how to make it so that it reads from the drivers (just like the Nvidia drivers and Everest do), or figure out how to get the reading directly from the intergrated sensor. More ifo about it here,

as well as info for anyone that has a 6600 that doesn't report a core temp and how to enable it.


2006-01-07 18:05

reporter   ~0001450

NvCplGetThermalSettings() is documented in

I don't know if is sufficiently "low-level" for alfredo.


2006-04-01 03:49

reporter   ~0001609



2007-09-21 19:03

reporter   ~0002943

Resolved in SpeedFan 4.33


2007-09-24 13:18

manager   ~0002954

Engine, please contact me by email (alfredo [at] I have a beta for you to try that should greatly improve nVidia support.

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