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0000581SpeedFanOtherpublic2009-02-13 00:36
Reporterichik Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformECS RS482-M754 (1.0A)OSWindowsOS VersionXP Pro SP2
Product Version4.28 
Fixed in Version4.37 
Summary0000581: After few hours SpeedFan stops receiving info from SMBus
DescriptionSpeedFan runs normally, everything seems to be fine, but after a few hours according to the logs temperature on CPU sensor is measured as zero and that's it. CPU isage grows to 100% (while according to task manager SpeedFan takes only 30%, everything else is used by 'System Idle Process', but PC is very slow) and SpeedFan if I'm lucky enough to open it's windows (it takes a long time) writes something like 'Timeout waiting SMBus IDLE $40...' and showing all temperatures except Hard Disks as zero.
After killing the process from task manager and starting again SpeedFan isn't able to find SMBus at all. Restart works.
This bug was reproduced on 4.28 and 4.29 Beta 6 and Beta 7.
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2006-06-15 01:13

reporter   ~0001766

The complete timeout message sounds as 'SMBus msg : Timeout waiting IDLE SMBus $40 (STS=$11)'.


2006-07-16 21:56

reporter   ~0001820

I also have this issue with speedfan 4.28. After a few hours the temperature reads 0 and I get the error:

IT8712F at $290 msg : error in READTEMPSINTERNAL
and the same msg with READTEMPSFAN; both msgs alternating and repeating infinitely. Quitting and restarting speedfan resolves this for a few more hours. I'm running with an Nforce2 mb under winxp.


2009-02-13 00:36

manager   ~0004415

This issue should be fixed in recent releases and, most likely, it was due to the interference of some other tool external to SpeedFan.

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