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0000987SpeedFanOtherpublic2007-10-01 23:34
Reporterruben Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Platformx86_64OSVistaOS VersionVista x64
Product Version4.33 
Summary0000987: Speedfan.sys IOCTL Dispatch Handlers privilege escalation
DescriptionSpeedfan.sys is exposed via "\Device\speedfan".

User-mode programs can issue privileged IOCTLs (IOCTL_RDMSR 0x9C402438 && IOCTL_WRMSR 0x9C40243C) to the driver in order to read or write arbitrary MSRs. For instance, hijacking the MSR_LSTAR an attacker can execute code within the Kernel context.

There is another flaw within the handler for the IOCTL 0x9c402420 which can cause the machine to crash (theorically it might be possible to execute arbitrary code as well, but is very unlikely) because of improper buffer checking.

There is a proof-of-concept available at

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2007-10-01 14:41

manager   ~0003006

Which is the fix you suggest?


2007-10-01 14:55

manager   ~0003007

By the way, isn't Kernel Patch Protection there to prevent this from happening?


2007-10-01 15:08

reporter   ~0003008

Restrict the MSRs a user can read/write would be the basic fix. I guess that you are implementing this feature in order to access some thermal information so the driver should block those MSRs that are not related with that field.

PatchGuard verifies certain Kernel structures/areas every 5/10 minutes, on the other hand an attacker just need few miliseconds to exploit this issue.


2007-10-01 15:43

manager   ~0003010

I will create a list of valid registers. This will force me to update the driver more often than I want, but I prefer security.
I'm going to fix it this evening. Then I will have to remember how to sign the driver :-)


2007-10-01 15:52

reporter   ~0003011

Nice, thanks for your efforts :)
Keep up the good work!


2007-10-01 16:44

manager   ~0003012

Actually, I think that I will completely disable writing to the MSR.
Is there any security issue, in your opinion, in reading an arbitrary MSR?


2007-10-01 23:34

reporter   ~0003014

Not really, maybe some sort of information leak but nothing really important I think.

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